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▶︎ Tokyomatic20XX Origin art certificate

 To send physical&Virtual 2in1 art works to you from Tokyo.


▶︎ Tokyomatic20XX “ The Crypto of Life ” ( Origin NTF 2in1 art certificate)

└ Art of the Title : “ The Crypto of Life. ”

└ Concept work : “ The iterative future of Virtual and Physical. ”

└ Brand tagline  : “ The Product First. ”

└ Brand copy.     : “ To you, somewhere, from Tokyo”


▶︎ Tokyomatic20XX Origin art certificate

 To send physical&Virtual 2in1 artworks to you from Tokyo.

 └ In the Virtual world : The right to display your work only in your own digital space (Digital private property)

 └ In the Physical world : Display my artwork in your room or favorite space. (Physical art exchange certificate)

  * ※You get Secret Message.Please connect your wallet and sign in from this page.

  *Physical art size : About “A1 size” 23inch(600mm) x 33inch(1000mm) Canvas with wood paneling

  *It will take some time for the work to be shipped.(Roughly 2~3 months)

  *This art will be sold only to those who can communicate with me after the sale.


▶︎ Tokyomatic20XX Brand Art Storytelling

 Imagine that you are in the future.

 Where and what will you be doing in the future, beyond the year 20XX?

 As technology continues to advance, will people's lives become richer?

 Will life and leisure activities in the metaverse provide a better experience for people?

 And are we living in peace and equality? I am imagining a future of a better world that transcends race.


 When you are in virtual space, my art is in the space you like best.

 When you are in physical space, my art is in the space you love the most.


 The principle of the universe that transcends race and gender, the crypto code that is the essence of life.

 “The Crypto of Life" is a work of art about the world as seen through my eyes in early 2021.


▶︎ Upsetters®︎ “The Product First” New era origin brand

 Upsetters®︎ has been selling 45 RPM analog record adapters featuring a crown since 2020.

 Upsetters®︎ is an original brand based in Tokyo, Japan that presents its work as product art for analog record lovers around the world.

 It is a contemporary crypto art work of art created by artist JET(Upsetters®︎).

 ①. In the future, Upsetters® plans to transmit a street brand that will be the starting point for a new era.

 ②. In the future, there will be a surprise benefit for those who purchase this NFT work in some form or another. Please look forward to it.

 ③. We will choose the main network for this work. We will also consider Polygon (Matic) as we move forward.

 ④. Finally, who decided that NFT is a digital art thing? That future is a waste, and it's not fair.

    I think that there should be equality for all expressionists.


 ■ Upsetters®︎ Instagram ( NFT ART )


 This is contemporary crypto art.With respect to all the expressive people in the world. Big up!! by JET

 “ The Product First. ” To you, somewhere, from Tokyo.  

 ©︎2021 Upsetters®︎ All Rights Reserved.

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